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I am Clea and I am very happy that you found your way here. This means you are interested in your health and eager to find out more about how to stay healthy in an easy and natural way. You will find a lot of information on how to support your health and wellbeing on a fundamental level by taking care of just one component – the quality of your drinking waterBefore I learned the importance of how much and which water we should drink,  I was a professional midwife assisted at home births for nearly 20 years. This was followed by owning a massage practice for seven years. Both professions were very connected with health and what I do today. As a midwife I witnessed hundreds of natural births and it was so tangible that we are water based beings and why we have a natural affection to water. The simple answer is because we begin life immersed in water in our mothers womb and are dependent on it for the rest of our lives. Although our bodies seem to be so solid the truth is that we consist of 70% water. So the quality and the quantity of what we drink makes a crucial difference to our lives. 


 We are water dependent beings 

Our cells and organs depend on our level of hydration.

There is no life possible without water  


Quality and quantitiy

The quantity and the quality of the water we drink is vital for our defence system, performed by our inner organs and our immune system. The right level of hydration promotes higher energy levels, a healthy skin and boosts the regulization of all our bodily functions. A  constant lack of hydration can cause more problems than we are aware. It can disrupt the proper function of our hormonal system, leading to asthma, allergies and heart burn, cause constipation, kidney- and gallbladder stones, indigestion, blood thickening, menstruation problems, migraines and even high blood pressure and heart attacks.

Although it is true that the cause of an illness is rarely based on a single cause, we are talking about the fundamental basis for giving the body the ability to self regulate and heal.

Crucial questions to ask yourself

Is  my drinking water safe?  

Am I spending too much on bottled water?

Do I drink enough water daily, which means at least 2 litres per day? (not coffee, tea, infusions, juices or soft drinks)

How poisonous are plasticisers in plastic bottles?

Which type of water can be easily absorbed by the cells of my body?

Can I trust the mains water?

How can I save money and provide the highest quality water to my loved ones and I? 

What are the hidden symptoms of dehydration?

Which water will be easily absorbed by the cells of my body?

The answers to these questions will be covered in

my water presentation and discussion.

Discussion themes

Information on water pollution and solution

Which bottled water may harm us and our children

Taste purified and vitalised water free

Have your water tested by me

Why control of you water is vital

Recommended reading

What the Bottled Water Industry does not want you to know

Water is BIG business. Bottled water conglomerates make billions on something that is our birthright. They “acquire” previously free or communal water reserves to bottle and sell. This excessive exploitation dramatically sinks ground water levels leading to dangerous shortages. What is not revealed is that this bottled water is less tested  than your common tap water. Some bottled waters have proved to be simply bottled tap water. Worse, plastic bottles dissolve highly toxic plasticisers into the water which increases with storage time. The long term effects of this will sadly be learned in the future when it is too late. This also leads to tons of plastic waste that ends up in our  oceans and environment, poisoning humans, plants and animals destroying previously healthy habitats.

To protect ourselves we must chose wiser and more sustainable solutions. The water purification system that I bought brings the highest water quality into my kitchen and a second portable version accompanies me on all my travels.

About me

I am a health consultant specialising in drinking water and hydration. My background studies were pathology, physiology, microbiology, anatomy, gynaecology  and holistic health foundations to become a home birth specialist, 

Purchasing the Rolls Royce of water purification systems has increased my knowledge about hydration, cellular osmosis, biological functions and organ revitalisation and the severe consequences of dehydration. I am completely convinced that many illnesses and dysfunctions can be prevented by simply drinking enough high quality water that can easily be absorbed by our cells.

My current Phd thesis in holistic health sciences is based on my research in the importance of hydration.

One of my current activities and passions is the representation and presentation of a holistic and sustainable water purification system to support a prevention based health concept available to everybody.  


My Interview with the Wellness Superheroes: How to quench your thirst and why some waters are really bad for us (EN) 

My interview with César Moniz from Conversas de Alma: How structured  water influences the pineal gland and mental clarity

Watch my interview with Truu owner Elsa Braga, vocal facilitator and psychotherapist: Truu water has enhanced the quality of her life  (EN) 

What my Clients are Saying

“I was never a big drinker of water until I tasted the smoothness of pure and energised water in spring quality. Now I gladly drink much more water, which not only hydrates me properly, but I detect a feeling of good health generally and a greater resistance to infections. I used to suffer two to three colds each winter but this year nothing. I notice a clear improvement in intestinal regularity and disappearance of dry skin. I never expected that there would be so my side benefits in my bodily health as well as just quenching thirst.
John  Fisher 

“I thought I was doing a great thing for my body by using a very expensive water filtration system.  When I did my water tests comparing my filtered water, my tap water and the Truu water I found that my old filtered water performed even worse than my tap water and I was pretty upset. I spent so much money on this unit – so much more than what the truu filter system costs – and it did not help my body in the way they had promised.

I love how I feel now, drinking the TRUU water for 8 months.  All my systems seem to work really well. No comparison to what I drank before.”

Cynthia Sharp


 “I am drinking TRUU water since more than two years now and have witnessed several big improvements in my body. After 6 months my lower back pain, that used to bother me a lot for years and made me fill stiff and uneasy every morning, has completely gone. I knew from my doctor’s diagnosis that three of my discs in the lumbar region where in really bad condition so I did not really expect any improvement there and I am very grateful for this big change in my every day life. I also found that my irritated bowls came into balance. I have no problems any more and my digestion is regular and fine. I am drinking far more water than before, with ease and without having to even think about it. It feels like my body can now distinguish very well between hunger, appetite and thirst. I need less sleep, no naps any more and my energy level is high the whole day. Even my level of staying focused and concentrate has tuned up a lot. For me, this cell available TRUU water has changed my life completely and many issues I thought I have to live with are completely gone. 
Antjepia Gottschalk
“I am kind of blown away at the changes I have noticed since using the water. First of all, I love the taste – so fresh, clean, pure. It really makes me want to drink it. My digestion is better and my skin feels so hydrated and soft. I even started washing my face and brushing my teeth with it. Before truu, I always had bloodshot eyes every day. I thought it was allergies, but after washing my face with truu water, my bloodshot eyes immediately disappeared and have not returned! Also, my gum recession on my bottom teeth is improving.
TRUU water has not only helped me with my health, but also my pets. My elderly dog had a urinary issue for two years and had frequent accidents in the house. After a week of drinking only truu water, NO more accidents! She started ageing in reverse. And it also affected my cat …. I can no longer smell the litter box! I could not be more happy with my truu water filter!”
Jodi Hadsell

“I used to drink water only when I was thirsty, far from what my body needed to be well hydrated, it was an effort to drink more. Now, after experiencing this new water, drinking became a pleasure and the amount of water that I drink increased immensely. I can fell and taste the purity and smoothness of this water in my body, in my skin! There is a feeling of well being drinking this water!”

Henriqueta Altaide
“As a fitness professional and Yoga teacher since 25 years you can imagine that I am into the topic of health for a very long time. But when me and my family started to drink this water our life changed remarkably. More flow, healthy looking skin, more energy, the plants, the animals – everything is glowing. I think there is no comparable water to TRUU water, not  just on a physical level but also on an emotional and psychological level. We have experienced incredible changes to the better. I believe this water improves life on many levels.”
Silvia Stojanović
“Hi, I’m Pedro, 57 years old, former professional athlete, yogi, water man and body mover. TRUU water has been life changing for me, as I can feel everyday a new transformation in my body happening, being it my hair, my skin, gums, muscles and, most important, my spine. I highly recommend to everyone attending one of the “Health and Water” presentations and discover more about the connection between water and health.”
Pedro Couto

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